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The Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter Difference

In 1919 Louis Kranitz set out to establish an experienced, aggressive and reputable law firm in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Since then, three generations of Kranitz’ have followed in their father and grandfather’s footsteps. Today, Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter, PC remains a leader in proven legal excellence for the Northwest Missouri region. The same time- honored traditions that built this firm remain the cornerstone of Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter today. We offer comprehensive legal services in a variety of disciplines, with an emphasis on criminal law and family law.

As a client you will be guided through every step of the process as we work diligently in the pursuit of your best interest. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision. We invite and recommend that you inquire with our firm to determine whether we are a solid fit for your particular need.

When it matters you want a lawyer who has extensive legal experience, personality and the reputation behind you. We are seasoned jurists, unintimidated by complex legal issues, strong personalities nor the threat of going to trial.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your legal matter.

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