High Asset Considerations During Divorce

When a marriage is ending and the couple has accumulated high-value assets, the complexities of the divorce may be overwhelming without proper legal guidance. The complexity of a high asset dissolution requires counsel that is diligent, professional and experienced in handling the intricacies of multiple assets and the division thereof.

Whether you have a multi-million dollar estate or a moderate portfolio you need confidence and security about your future. That security is based, in part, on our team at Kranitz, Sadoun & Carpenter determining the identity, as well as the nature of all assets, known and potentially hidden. The assets need valued and then divided. The character of the asset is also an important consideration. For example, an income producing asset may significantly impact the division of the asset and may impact future support (child and spousal) obligations.

Your lawyer needs to be comfortable and experienced with the sophistication of asset divisions as well as comfortable with the utilization of experts in order to obtain the very best possible outcome for their client. It may be necessary to engage an expert appraiser, an expert to determine the value of a business, a forensic accountant or CPA to discover hidden and undisclosed assets or to testify concerning the potential tax consequences of a particular asset division, or to hire an actuary to render an opinion as to the present value of an asset that may not produce income until a future date, such as a pension.

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