Find a Lawyer

Find a Lawyer

Are you looking for a lawyer but don’t know where to start? If this is the first time you have ever needed a lawyer, looking for the right one for you can be daunting. Most people simply open the phone book or Google search for an attorney.  Our firm does minimal advertising due to word of mouth in our community.
Here’s a quick guide for finding a lawyer that’s right for you:

First, you want a lawyer who is experienced in the field that you need representation. Just because the sign on the door says “Attorney at Law” does not mean he or she can competently handle your case. Some lawyers only handle corporate law where others might specialize in personal injury.  Kranitz & Kranitz has five attorneys – all with distinct experience in their niche of the law.

Second, keep in mind that there is a difference between hiring a solo practice lawyer and a law firm. When you hire a law firm, you’re usually getting an entire team of lawyers who specialize in various kinds of law. When you hire a lawyer who has no other law partners or associates, it sometimes means he or she can only advise you on very narrow issues. Also, if you take your case to trial, it’s best to have more than one attorney at your side. If you have a complicated case, or even more than one case, hiring a law firm may better suit you.

One thing that sets our firm apart is the firm camaraderie and access to cutting edge resources.  Does the attorney you are considering have a vast library where they have the capability of finding the law?  Does the firm you seek have the staying power and reputation of nearly 100 years of existence and experience?

Third, ask around. You may have friends or family who has used a firm or lawyer that they liked (or didn’t like). You can also read or watch the news to see what attorneys may be in high-profile cases.  Check out our Facebook site for information.

Lastly, set up a consultation with the attorney and discuss your legal matter thoroughly before hiring anyone. Finding the right attorney can be like finding the right pair of shoes – you want one that fits you comfortably. And, if the attorney doesn’t seem to fit you, don’t be afraid to talk to a different attorney.

Finding a lawyer that’s right for you can take time and personal deliberation.  We encourage all clients to firmly consider their choice of a lawyer.