Felony Lawyer

Felony Lawyer

If you or a loved one is charged with any crime – and especially with a felony, the best thing to do is immediately seek the assistance of a lawyer. Do not believe the police when they tell you that giving a statement or confession will help you. You have an absolute right under our Constitution to remain silent.

Most criminal defense attorneys will advise you to NOT speak to the police.  If you’ve already spoken with the police and given a statement, it is even more vital that you hire a competent lawyer who can help you proceed.

Felonies range from Class D (the lowest) to Class A and unclassified Felonies (the highest). The term of sentences can go from a probation to life imprisonment.

A felony charge has many facets. Ultimately, the biggest part can be a jury trial. However, before you get to jury trial there are complicated procedures that only an experienced criminal defense attorney should handle.  For example, should I have a preliminary hearing? How do I get my bond lowered? Will I have to testify? What do I do at an arraignment? What if I want to plead guilty and just want probation? Was what the cops did legal? These are all questions that only an experienced criminal defense attorney can answer.

Even if you decide to plead guilty, you need an attorney who can help negotiate with the prosecutor and speak to the judge in order to put your case in the best light possible. It’s best to have a lawyer who has dealt with that particular judge and that particular prosecutor before. Hiring a lawyer who has never been to that County can hurt your chances if they don’t the personalities and the procedures. Bottom line, you want a very experienced criminal defense attorney.

The Kranitz team has extensive experience in all of the Northwest Missouri, Clay and Platte County Circuit courts as well as Federal Court.