Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer?

Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer?

Do you have a problem with your spouse? Is there abuse or threats? Is there abandonment and adultery?

If you have encountered these problems with your spouse, you may have grounds to file for divorce. If you feel that things happening in your marriage are no longer under your control, and you have exhausted all efforts, and have stretched your patience to its limits, then perhaps it is time to get help from a divorce lawyer.

Your divorce lawyer will help you out in the legal process involved. He will get the details of your side, which he will use in his legal arguments to favor your side. Any important details, together with evidence and proof to show the truth you are claiming, will be useful in contesting the other side’s claims and contentions. The divorce process involves the division property. Your state laws will cover the guidelines in ruling what will be awarded to your favor, and what will be given to your spouse. Your divorce lawyer will need to get details of your personal property. For purposes of getting the facts, the discussion will involve taking note of the properties you owned before marriage, and those you were able to own during your marriage. It will also be important to note if there was a pre-nuptial agreement entered upon by the parties.

A divorce lawyer can help you in your fight for child custody.  Our firm recognizes the impact a divorce or custody action can have on children.  Balancing strong advocacy and zealous representation while protecting the children is paramount.

Hiring the right divorce lawyer with extensive experience is an important decision.  An experienced lawyer will argue your case while maintaining professionalism and demanding respect.  When interviewing prospective attorneys to represent you, ask yourself several questions:  1)  Is there sufficient staff at the firm to handle any issue that may arise during my case?  2)  Does the firm have the most up-do-date legal resources and an extensive library to utilize in my case?  3)  Do they appear to answer phone calls and return calls promptly?

We are satisfied that your answers are “yes” in regards to our firm.  We invite you to conference with any of our attorneys for a preliminary evaluation of the merits of your case.

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